Monday, April 16, 2007

Phuket Here I Come

We only decided to go for a trip in Phuket, Thailand in March and since we were not planning to join any tour, I felt a little stress; how am I going to plan for this trip. I had never done anything like this; planning for an free and easy trip.

The thing to settle was to decide the exact date which we would be taking the trip. It was a little challenging since I am in Singapore and she is in Bangkok and we had to match our schedule. However, it was not difficult to decide on the date.

After we decided on the date of travel, I booked her a round trip domestic flight from Bangkok to Phuket and gotten my own air ticket to Phuket. Booking the tickets was not such a difficult task; the difficulty was booking the hotel room. How was I going to book the hotel. I had no idea where to start. Luckily I have a friend who is a pretty experience free and easy traveler. She guided me to a few website to search for hotel. One of them is

From her guidance, it was not too long that I become quite an expert searching for hotel online. All I needed to do was to search for 'hotel in Phuket' in the Yahoo! Search Engine. Through my research for hotel online, I found that the rate given by Hotel Travel is the best. Not only that, it gives a map of the beach where I will be going to and the exact location of the hotel. Thus even before I went to Phuket. I already had an idea where the hotel will be and how long it would take to travel from the airport to the hotel. Hotel Travel also provides reviews for the different hotels by their customers. I found these reviews pretty useful as it helped me to decide on what to expect from each hotel. For anyone who is booking your hotel online, you can start by doing a search in the search engine in the location where you will be heading to.

The dates that we were traveling to Phuket, April 8 to April 12 were considered high season for some hotels because of the Thailand's Songkran Festival and most of the hotels which I wanted to book were fully booked. Did not know what to do except to put ourselves on the waiting list. The worst scenario was to change the date of travel. I did not really want to change the date of travel as I really looked forward to meeting her in person.

We were very fortunately that after a day or so, we got a confirmation from Hotel Travel for our hotel. I could not be more excited; finally everything was going on as planned.

Phuket here I come!!!

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