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Extreme Skydiving Adventures Will Not Disappoint

One of my friends has been talking about skydiving for a while and he has reflected to us that he need to keep his weight below 100 Kilogram (not too sure if this is a general requirement by all establishments providing skydiving service or it is the requirement of the establishment he enquired with). I have been thinking about it too after I tried bungee jump last year. Ever since young, I have been wondering how does it feel like to be 'flying' in the air just like superman. The closest experience I have, besides flying in the plane, was in my dreams where I was flying just like superman! I think I must be crazy!

Besides the dreams that I had, I reckon the next closest is skydiving. Bungee jump was fun and exciting but it could not really give me the feeling of free fall. Skydiving on the other hand will give me that feeling of free fall at speeds of up to 120mph. How does it feel like? I can read the testimonials or write-ups by others, but I will never know how it really feels like until I try it out myself. Since I have no interest at this moment to become a skydiving instructor and since I only want to have that skydiving experience, I think tandem skydiving will be the great choice.

According to, "Tandem skydiving is an incredibly easy, safe and enjoyable way to experience the excitement of skydiving without having to learn how. Free fall at speeds of up to 120mph and enjoy breathtaking views during you canopy ride. Feel a total sense of freedom while securely harnessed to your personal sky diving instructor. The exhilarating free fall combined with the peace and tranquility of the parachute ride makes your tandem skydive a unique experience you will never forget. Allow 2-3 hours of your time for the experience of a life time. Tandem skydiving is available 7 days per week, all year."

Skydiving! If the very word gives you a shiver of dread, you are hardly alone. Or perhaps you're one of those people who lives for thrills like these. Either way, an extreme skydiving adventure might be just the activity you've been looking for. People like to throw around the phrase "pushing your boundaries", but extreme skydiving actually delivers on this promise. Truly, no sport can give the same kind of adrenaline rush as jumping out of a plane into free fall at ten, thirteen, even as high as eighteen thousand feet above ground!

Now, not everyone is ready to jump, as it were, straight into this kind of extreme sport, save for the very most hardened thrill seekers among us. It takes more than a little bit of mental preparation (or a truly exceptional disposition) to be ready to jump out of a plane and plummet to Earth at speeds exceeding a hundred miles an hour. For instance, consider how far one falls in extreme skydiving. Say you jump out of the plane at thirteen thousand feet; typically one opens the parachute at about twenty five hundred feet and then gently drifts the rest of the way. This means there is a free fall of nearly two miles!

When you stop to think about it, what other sport or activity will allow you to hurl towards earth at speeds of up to 120mph and then gracefully float onto the ground. This experience is unmatched by any other adventure sport.

Obviously, you can't just jump out of a plane completely unprepared. Skydiving lessons are a necessity, not just a good idea. There is of course a small degree of danger associated with extreme sky diving, so lessons are an absolute must. Skydiving certification can be obtained relatively quickly, depending on the particular skydiving instructors and methodology used. Sometimes you can become certified in as little as two days.

Be sure to pay careful attention during your classes and ask any questions about anything you are not totally clear on. There is literally nothing unimportant covered in skydiving lessons. Don't worry about sounding silly in class, everyone was new at this at one time, even the instructor. You will learn hand signals to communicate while in the air, how to operate your equipment, all the necessary information will be covered in your skydiving lessons. Again, and this cannot be stressed enough, pay attention and ask lots of questions.

After learning a little on how to handle yourself and your equipment while extreme skydiving, you should feel much less apprehensive than before if you were, and more prepared whether or not your attitude was more of the "I was born ready" variety.
And as with anything else, preparation is key. Extreme skydiving can be an unparalleled thrill, but without proper preparation is hazardous. With the required number (or more, never do a real dive until you feel ready) of skydiving lessons under your belt, you will be perfectly ready to experience the unmatched exhilaration that skydiving, and especially extreme skydiving have to offer.

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Anonymous Chelle said...

I am one of those people who gets shivers thinking about it!!

10:13 PM  
Blogger Symphony of Love said...

I understand exactly what you mean. Not everyone will want to go through the same experience. For me, I will love to experience it once in my life. However, if you were to ask me to bar-top-dance, I would think twice or even thrice : )

10:51 PM  
Anonymous marlene said...

Yikes, just a slope on the road would cause my stomach to shiver and it's an uncomfortable feeling. How much with this kind of adventure. But you have the guts, so why not go for it...

3:19 PM  
Blogger Symphony of Love said...

Hi Marlene, yes, I definitely want to try it out. Making the plan now : )

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to skydive one I have a fear of heights...:D I like your blog!

10:04 PM  
Blogger Symphony of Love said...

This is one fear I would want to conquer. Luckily I do not really fear height and that was probably one factor that made me go for the Bungee jump. Thanks for dropping by.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Mark H said...

I tried it once a few years ago and it was fantastic.

10:54 PM  

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